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Vanguard Plastics Corporation
Vanguard Plastics Corp. -  Southington Connecticut
The other day I was introduced to this company for the first time. They have been in business since 1972 and are located less than 15 miles from our shop so I felt pretty stupid for being so clueless. When I saw the quality of their work and learned their wonderful story, however, I was dumbfounded.
 It turns out they are actually a leader of New England’s custom plastic injection molding industry and their customer list is both extensive and impressive. They are a family owned corporation working 3 full shifts and they are beating the pants off the Chinese! 
Like so many Connecticut companies both innovation and their dedication to quality are paramount. 
What truly caught my eye is their "Maple Origin’s” bowl line.  These are bowls made for the restaurant industry which require unique style, iron toughness, and very "sharp pencil” costs.  These bowls are formed using pure, organic maple sawdust added as 30% of the material base. The sawdust comes from furniture and window manufacturers and you can see the wood fibers in the plastic. These are bowls that look like they could have been hand crafted by a skilled wood worker and feel like wood turned in a lathe.
This is more than enough talking from me, however. The story is theirs so please take a look at their website: http://vanguardplastics.com/ and make sure to take a look at their Maple Origin’s bowl line. Prepare to be amazed!
Thanks for Listening,
With Respect,
Hank Paine
Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
Howland-Hughes Company 
Made In Connecticut 

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