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Unfortunately life isn't always fair. If it were, you'd get to meet the Mullany family; the originators and owners of The Wiffle Ball Inc. This is especially true of Dave Sr. who is the reason for this whole business in the first place. Back around 1950, he was a great baseball player for a 12 year old. The cry "Play Ball" was frequently heard in the family's backyard and the broken windows in the neighbor's house stood as a testament to the fact that he and his friends were all pretty good with a bat. Broken windows were only part of the problem, however. The yard wasn't big enough and all of the neighborhood kids together couldn't field 2 complete teams. As a result, the kids developed their own brand of ball, using a broom stick, a plastic golf ball and a smaller field. A strike out was called a "Wiff" but all those young arms were getting strained trying to throw a curve or a slider with the plastic golf ball. Together Dave and his father developed the Wiffle® perforated plastic ball to act like a true hardball without the snap required of a young arm. The new ball, in Dave's hand, caused a lot more "Wiffs" and the name stuck; a name now known around the world. It also resolved the broken window bill once and for all. As it turned out, there were [and are] millions of families with not enough room, not enough kids, and too many windows. As a result, almost all young boys and girls, ever since, have learned to play baseball with a Wiffle ball and bat. Dave is still with the company as are his 2 sons. Together they are bringing the wonder of Wiffle Ball to both current and future generations as well. The company by the way, is in Shelton Connecticut, in the same place where it all began as a wonderful example of "Made In Connecticut".
So far we've shipped Wiffle products to addresses in all 50 states within in the U.S.A. as well as 55 foreign countries. The furthest away was McMurdo base in Antarctica where they play in their gym which is under the ice.

Author's Note: In the 1950's my Dad taught me to play baseball with a Wiffle ball. When it was my turn, I taught my daughter and son to play ball, again with a Wiffle ball. I've also had the extra-ordinary privilege to watch the balls being made and I'm very proud to be able to consider the Mullany's as friends. It simply doesn't get any better than that.
Thanks for listening,
With Respect,
Hank Paine, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
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