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My bird Feeder
Dear friends
I was just introduced to a wonderful company named Droll Yankees from Plainfield Connecticut. Their specialty is bird feeders and they are incredibly good at what they do.
Please understand, when it comes to bird feeders I am NOT an amateur. I have spent over 60 years trying to feed birds while competing with some of the most frustratingly intelligent critters on the face of this earth; the Connecticut gray squirrel!!
Above is a picture of my latest attempt which stands over 7 feet tall and, yes most folks would need a step ladder just to fill it.  It comes complete with a 30 gallon steel drum as a squirrel and bear baffler.  It is squirrel proof until the snow gets over 18" deep and is bear proof as long the bear isn't very big. As the picture shows, it is not turkey proof but I am working on it. Counting all my attempts over the years it has cost me many hundreds of dollars in material and labor if you'll allow me to pay myself $5.00/hour. That price does not include all the band-aids, Neosporin,and aspirin that were also essential to the process. I am now very depressed because I could have saved all that effort and frustration if I had only known about Droll Yankee bird feeders. They design and manufacture over 50 different squirrel proof bird feeders alone as well many other bird feeding products and information. Those designs all work well on Connecticut squirrels and I'll bet they will work on your squirrels as well. What's more you can order on line and they'll deliver right to your door. With all the time and money you'll save compared to me you can pay yourself $425.00/hour just for being smart enough to check out their webpage. Give them a look at www.DrollYankees.com  
PS: Your squirrels are hoping you won't!
With Respect,
Hank Paine
Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
Made in Connecticut and
The Connecticut Store

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