Green Envy Organic Mulch

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Green Envy Organic Mulch

Here at The Connecticut Store we love everything about recycling and saving energy. You can see it in the Christmas Tree ornaments we offer that are made from Recycled Christmas trees to our intense efforts to recycle packaging materials and even in our total product line; products that are Made Right Here in your back yard and don't require 7,000 miles of shipping from China.
Recently we have found a Connecticut Company that creates a 100% natural group of products that combine recycling with energy savings and adds amazing improvement to your garden and landscape soils. That company is Green Envy from Middlebury Connecticut. I have personally seen the complete process and it really is everything above and more. Please take a look at their website http://greenenvyproducts.com/ and help begin a unique journey to improving your life and our environment.
With Respect,
Hank Paine
The Connecticut Store
Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

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